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Discover our unique fragrances

Each scent of Charlies Candles has its own character, notes and undertones. After years of testing and trying out, we have selected 6 fragrances that were most appreciated by our customers. Whichever fragrance you choose, you are always assured of quality, elegant fragrances with a long-lasting distribution.

Florence flowers

Floral scented candleThis is our floral fragrance. Florence Flowers is a soft, sweet floral fragrance. Sweet peas, roses and hyacinths with a hint of exotic jasmine. All this carried by a base of warm wood and vanilla.

It's scent you would typically assign to your grandmother. One scent of provence and classic Marseille soap. It reminds you of a fresh bouquet of roses.

This is quite a feminine scent and is especially good for the slightly older ladies and flower lovers.

Floral scented candle

London Leather

Leather scented candleThis is by far our most masculine scent. It is a business-like, classy fragrance that exudes prestige.

It reminds you of the interior of a new car. The smell is determined by the strong leather undertone with a fresh herbal touch.

This is the ideal scent for a classy office, study room or modern apartment.

This fragrance scores well with men and professionals.


Scented candle with leather scent


Madagascar Milk

Our most popular fragrance! Madagascar Milk is a creamymilky scent. Caramelized amber, woody and honeydewwith a base of vanilla from Madagascar.

It is a wonderful fragrance that especially in the autumn and winter brings coziness into the house. The scent exudes quality and luxury and let you enjoy all the more.

Wherever or whenever you light this fragrance, it is always a success.

Vanilla scented candle

Ottawa Oak

Scented candle woodyOttawa oak is our woody smell. The heavier undertones of wood, musk and incense ensure that this scent translates into pure cosiness.

Think vintage cologne, warm spices and a hint of cognac. The fresh overtones of clove and vetiver give this scent its distinctive character. masculine and natural odor dispersal.

Although this fragrance is rather masculine, it is appreciated by both women and men.

Woody scented candle

Persian Palace

Sultry oriental scented candlePersian Palace is our sultry smell. It exudes an indefinable class. The fragrance is sultry, heavy and feminine.

The sweet lily, jasmine and intoxicating amber are lifted by the sweet vanilla musk. A seductive, romantic fragrance par excellence.

This fragrance is very good for women or as a romantic gift. Ideal for the bedroom or cozy living room.


Persian scented candle

Swedish spa

Wellness scented candle

This fragrance is pure zen. It takes you to the atmosphere of wooden saunas, spices, warm amber and light musk. Time to relax. It is a very light fragrance, ideal for subtly drifting away in thought. A Unique mix between wood, sultry and sweet.

This fragrance makes you think of wellness, sauna and wonderful warm baths.


Scented candle sauna

A delicious fragrance that every woman dreams of. A sweet fragrance with oriental tones. Hints of myrrh give this candle a luxurious touch.

An ideal fragrance to spend romantic time together. The fragrance fits best with our 'NUDE' collection with pink and pastel shades.

Happy Hanoi (spring special: energetic)

This energetic fragrance is pure joy. Uplifting ginger and lemongrass provide vitality and energy.
Are you having an afternoon dip? This scent will help you get through it!

Only available with the spring collection.


Lacy Lavender (spring special: soothing)

Lacy Lavender is a sweet fragrance. It consists of lavender, chamomile and an undertone of vanilla. This harmonious combination of 3 soothing elements creates a blissful feeling of calm and tranquility. Create serenity in your home with this fragrance. Only available in the spring collection.


Summer Sunset (Outdoor lavender + citronella)

This is our outdoor fragrance that will make you dream of long, hot summer days. It is a floral fragrance with lavender accents that reminds you of the Mediterranean, the south of France and all the beauty of summer.

This fragrance contains Citronella ingredients against mosquitoes and insects. We have ensured that it is not overpowering in the scent, thus maintaining the premium feel.