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Scented candles are an ideal corporate gift because they symbolise warmth, love and connection. They can help strengthen the bond between people and create a sense of intimacy. It is also often said that candlelight is cosy, which makes it the ideal gift for your employees, suppliers or business associates.

Anyone can enjoy a scented candle, but they are particularly popular with people who love the presence of scents in their environment. Scented candles can help one relax and calm down, making them really ideal as professional gifts.

Tips to personalise the ideal scented candle:

1. Consider the personality of the person you are buying a scented candle for: For example, choose calming scents such as lavender or lemon if it is for someone experiencing a lot of stress, while fruity tones are better for people who need more energy.

2. Consider your own company's personality: do you want to exude stateliness or rather sweetness?
3. Look at the sustainability of the candle: Make sure you choose a candle made from natural ingredients and ingredients, which will make it last longer and emit fewer harmful substances.
4. Decide what size is appropriate: Rather give too much than too little to your gift, so think carefully about what is or is not convenient to give - for example, do you want a smaller candle that can be easily stored in the house or one with real impact?

You can personalise a scented candle by having it nicely labelled with your company logo. Or you can choose to have the logo engraved or UV printed. Charlies Candles specialises in the development and production of scented candles - and is happy to help your company with its own collection of scented candles.