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If you sell scented candles in a shop, you can reach more people than just online. If you offer scented candles, people can walk in and try out their favourite scents before buying anything. You could also offer new scents and colours every season to increase the appeal of the offer. By adding these extra options, you will create more value for your shop and create repeat customers. Here are some tips to successfully sell scented candles in your shop:

1. Provide great customer service - Sales are often influenced by the service you offer. Make sure all staff are professional and welcoming, and strive to build a personal relationship with every customer.

2. Provide additional information - Customers want to know more about products before they buy, so give them as much information as possible about what you have to offer. For example, you can create brochures or give demonstrations to explain the features of your product.

3. Use technology - Technological solutions such as point-of-sale (POS) systems help retailers run their businesses more efficiently, making it easier for them to generate more sales. By applying new technological innovations in your shop, you can significantly increase sales!

4. Create good promotions - Promotions are simple but effective when it comes to boosting sales in own shops; think of special offers or free items with purchase of certain product group(s) etc.. In short: let your promotional strategy depend on your objective(s).

5 . Be creative with marketing - Instead of just traditional way, think about how you can use other channel networks to attract more people to your shop; Facebook ads, Instagram Stories and YouTube videos are just some examples of this

Selling scented candles via webshop

If you want to sell scented candles through an online store, it is important to first invest in advertising, promoting and selling your scented candles through various online channels such as social media, search engines or partner sites. Make sure these channels are used to provide customer service to existing customers and reach new customer groups.

Also remember to ask reviews comment about your scented candle product from customer who have bought something from you before, this helps with promoting trust and reliability among potential buyers. You should also invest in technologies that help optimise the webshop experience for potential buyers - think payment methods, security measures and so on. Finally, you should continue to actively work on SEO strategies to appear high in search results when consumers search for a scented candle product.