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Concrete Grey Large


  60 burning hours
  h: 14cm - d: 12cm
  670 grams candle wax

Unique concrete scented candle with a soft touch finish and engraving "CHARLIES". This is the large version of our concrete gray collection. You can choose from 6 different scents and whether you want cotton or wooden wicks.

xFlorence flowers

This is our floral fragrance. Florence Flowers is a soft, sweet floral fragrance. Fragrance flowers, roses and hyacinths with a hint of exotic jasmine. All this carried by a base of warm wood and vanilla.

It's a scent you would typically attribute to your grandmother. A fragrance of the provence and classic Marseille soap. It reminds you of a fresh bouquet of roses.

This is quite a feminine scent and is especially good for the slightly older ladies and flower lovers.

xLondon Leather

This is by far our most masculine fragrance. It is a business-like, classy scent that exudes prestige.

It reminds you of the interior of a new car. The scent is defined by strong leather undertones with a fresh herbal touch. This is the ideal fragrance for a classy office, study room or modern apartment.

This fragrance scores well with men and professionals.

xMadagascar Milk

Our most popular fragrance! Madagascar Milk is a creamy, milky scent. Caramelized amber, woody and honeyed, with a base of Madagascar vanilla.

It is a wonderful fragrance that especially in the autumn and winter brings coziness into the house. The scent exudes quality and luxury and let you enjoy all the more.

Wherever or whenever you light this fragrance, it is always a success.

xOttawa Oak

Ottawa oak is our woody fragrance. The heavier undertones of wood, musk and incense make this scent translate into pure cosiness.

Think vintage cologne, warm spices and a hint of cognac. Thanks to the fresher overtones of clove and vetiver, this fragrance is masculine and natural.

Although this fragrance is rather masculine, it is appreciated by both women and men.

xPersian Palace

Persian Palace is our sultry fragrance. It exudes an indefinable class. The perfume is sultry, heavy and feminine.

The sweet lily, jasmine and intoxicating amber are lifted by the sweet vanilla musk. A seductive, romantic fragrance par excellence.

This fragrance is very good for women or as a romantic gift. Ideal for the bedroom or cozy living room.

xSwedish spa

This fragrance is pure zen. It takes you to the atmosphere of wooden saunas, herbs, warm amber and light musk. Time to relax.

It is a very light fragrance, ideal for subtly drifting away in thought. A unique blend between wood, sultry and sweet.

This fragrance makes you think of wellness, sauna and wonderful warm baths.

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The 3 quality guarantees of Charlies Candles

Unique design pots.

At Charlies Candles you invest in beautiful and timeless design pots. Brighten up your interior with beautiful pots, in any material. Thanks to our refill service you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Highest wax and wick quality.

We only use the best materials, and you can tell. Of the 100 wicks we test, only 5 pass our quality tests. The perfect flame with a long burning time, that's what we aim for. 

Delicious, long-lasting scents.

Thanks to our quality guarantee, you can be sure of luxurious fragrances that will please any nose. The high quality fragrance oils allow the scent to spread slowly and linger for a long time. At least 40 hours of burning guaranteed.