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Spring gift set


  50 burning hours
  h: 10cm - d: 10cm
  380 grams candle wax

Our spring gift set is the ideal Mother's Day gift! The box contains 2 medium scented candles in 2 unique spring colours: an uplifting pastel yellow and a calming lilac. The combination of these colours radiates pure joy. The scents correspond to this as well.

The scented candle in pastel yellow has the scent 'Happy Hannoi'. This energetic scent is pure happiness. Uplifting ginger and lemongrass provide vitality and energy. On the other hand, the lilac scented candle has a calming scent consisting of lavender, chamomile and an undertone of vanilla. This harmonious combination of 3 soothing elements provides a blissful feeling of calm and tranquility.

In addition to the 2 scented candles, you can also find a colorful dried flower bouquet in the box. Charlies Candles finds it important to be sustainable. The burned candle can be used afterwards as a vase for the bouquet.

The growth paper is then a final nice touch that we added to the package. The instructions for the candle are printed on special growth paper. You can plant this paper in a flowerpot with some soil. Water it regularly and you will see the flowers appear.

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The 3 quality guarantees of Charlies Candles

Unique design pots.

At Charlies Candles you invest in beautiful and timeless design pots. Brighten up your interior with beautiful pots, in any material. Thanks to our refill service you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Highest wax and wick quality.

We only use the best materials, and you can tell. Of the 100 wicks we test, only 5 pass our quality tests. The perfect flame with a long burning time, that's what we aim for. 

Delicious, long-lasting scents.

Thanks to our quality guarantee, you can be sure of luxurious fragrances that will please any nose. The high quality fragrance oils allow the scent to spread slowly and linger for a long time. At least 40 hours of burning guaranteed.