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Sample box scented candles (6 scents)


  30 burning hours
  h: 7cm - d: 7cm
  120 grams candle wax
Delivery is possible again from 08/02
Would you like to discover all the Charlies Candles fragrances before selecting your favourites? This is possible with our unique sample pack. The package consists of 6 handmade 'small' candles in our 6 premium fragrances: Madagascar Milk, Ottawa Oak, London Leather, Florence Flowers, Swedish Spa and Persian Palace.
Tip: After you have chosen your favorites you can put the candles in different rooms. This way you will create a wonderful scent walk in your home 🙂 !

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The 3 quality guarantees of Charlies Candles

Unique design pots.

At Charlies Candles you invest in beautiful and timeless design pots. Brighten up your interior with beautiful pots, in any material. Thanks to our refill service you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

Highest wax and wick quality.

We only use the best materials, and you can tell. Of the 100 wicks we test, only 5 pass our quality tests. The perfect flame with a long burning time, that's what we aim for. 

Delicious, long-lasting scents.

Thanks to our quality guarantee, you can be sure of luxurious fragrances that will please any nose. The high quality fragrance oils allow the scent to spread slowly and linger for a long time. At least 40 hours of burning guaranteed.