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Get your favourite scented candle professionally refilled.

Charlies Candles is a premium scented candle factory based in Bruges. We refill your luxury candles, whatever the brand!

How does it work?

Bring your pots to the factory or drop off point

Choose your favourite fragrance from our collection

After 2 weeks you can pick up your refilled scented candle

Good for the environment and your wallet.

Charlies Candles offers its refill service for all candles for 2 reasons. We would like to do our bit and keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. By reusing existing pots, fewer new ones need to be made! The price of refilling depends on the size of the candle. Refilling a scented candle is often up to 50% cheaper than buying a new scented candle.


Green scented candle collection Christmas


You bring your scented candles to our workshop in Bruges or a drop-off location. There you can choose from 6 delicious scents. We will refill your candle and notify you when you can come back to collect it. If your candle is not completely clean we will charge a small cleaning fee. The price is calculated based on the cast content of your candle. If you wish, you can buy suitable packaging to go with it.



Pots are cleaned thoroughly


Refill the scent of your choice


Refilling with ecological rapeseed wax

Apotheque Gift Set

Note: no quality guarantee (unfortunately).

Every jar we refill is a jar that is not from our collection and therefore we cannot test whether it is effectively suitable. As a scented candle manufacturer, we normally do extensive testing on melt pool, scent diffusion and flame size. Based on your submitted jar and our experience, we estimate the most suitable composition for your jar. This estimate was not tested and it is possible that your refilled candle will not burn well.


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