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Is your candle burning out?

Redeem it at Charlies Candles for a great coupon or have it refilled with your favorite scent!

How does it work?

Bring your pots or request a pickup

Order your new candle/scent online with a discount code

We deliver your new or refilled candle free of charge to your home

Good for the environment and your wallet.

Charlies Candles offers its refill service for 2 reasons. We want to contribute and keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. By reusing existing pots, less new pots have to be made! Although cleaning existing candles is an intensive job, we also want to reward you as a customer for returning the candles. You can choose to receive a discount voucher for a completely new candle, or you can have your existing candle refilled. The cost of the jar will be deducted!


Medium concrete scented candle


You can always bring your pots to our workshop in Oostkamp. Do you live a bit far? We organize a monthly pickup day. We come to your home and take the pots with us. As soon as we receive the pots, you'll get your discount code for your next order. Visit our website to see the next pickup days. 

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Pots are cleaned thoroughly


Refill the scent of your choice


Sent to your home

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