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Heartwarming Christmas Collection 2020.

Discover our wonderful Christmas fragrances and decorate your table with our unique collection of scented candles.

Time for an extra cosy Christmas

3 unique scents.

We went in search of delicious warm scents that will make you dream of being together during Christmas. You can choose from gingerbread man, warm apple pie and Christmas Eve!

Unique Packaging.

To make your Christmas tree even more beautiful, we designed a unique Christmas package. A unique package to put under the tree.

3 unique pots.

Decorate your Christmas table with 1 or more of our unique Christmas pots. There are 4 sizes available in 3 Christmas colors: green, red and gold!

"Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. With our Christmas collection, you'll enjoy delicious Christmas scents throughout the Christmas season."

Green scented candle collection Christmas

Christmas green collection

The green of our Christmas collection is based on the color of our beloved Christmas tree where so many packages are given. It is a dark green with glossy finish.

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Red scented candle collection Christmas

Christmas red collection

Red, the ultimate Christmas color. The red of our Christmas collection is based on the twinkling baubles in the Christmas tree. It is a deep, bright red with a glossy finish.

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Golden scented candle collection Christmas

Christmas gold collection

Gold, the color of a generously decorated table. Gold is the most classy Christmas color there is. We chose a shiny gold for the Christmas collection that sparkles in the light.

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Are you looking for a heartwarming gift?

With the handmade scented candles of Charlies Candles you give a gift that melts away everyone. A wonderful gift to immediately light during the coziest meals of the year.

What Christmas scent do you want at home?

Christmas Eve.

"Christmas Eve" is an ethereal rich and mystical scent. This fragrance brings warmth to the home. Dominant bergamot, incense, with a heart of jasmine and warm amber, surrounded by cedar and sultry musk.

Gingerbread man.

This fragrance spreads the coziness of Christmas. The scent of a gingerbread man. Warm and spicy, ideal for cold winter evenings.

Warm apple pie.

This excellent festive blend announces a warm apple pie in the oven. You'll wish you could eat this scent. This is grandmotherly coziness!

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