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Discover our collection of handmade spring scented candles.

The lockdown is (almost) over and the beautiful weather is coming. Brighten up your table and home with our refreshing spring scented candles! Discover our 3 unique colors and 2 unique scents. 

Let the sunshine into your heart with our delicious scents and colors.

3 unique pastel colours.

Spring is the season of the first bright colours. Brighten up your home or table with our mint green, pastel yellow or lilac.

2 unique spring fragrances.

Happy Hanoi is our 'yellow' scent and exudes energy and vitality with uplifting ginger and lemongrass. Our Lacy Lavender scent is a soothing combination of lavender, chamomile and an undertone of vanilla. You can also choose from our 6 basic scents.

8% premium fragrance oil

Our scented candles guarantee wonderfully long-lasting scents thanks to our high concentration of premium fragrance oils. 

"During spring, nature awakens with beautiful scents and colors. Thanks to our spring scented candles, you can also transform your home into a true olfactory paradise."

Green scented candle collection Christmas

Pastel yellow collection

Yellow gives energy, stands out and brings life, just like the sun. A wonderfully striking colour to have in your home.

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Lilac collection

For this collection we were inspired by the beautiful lavender fields in Provence. A peaceful yet vibrant spring color.

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Red scented candle collection Christmas
Golden scented candle collection Christmas

Mint green collection

Green is the ultimate spring colour. We chose a mint green variant for our collection, which radiates youth and vitality. Lovely to put on the table - inside or outside!

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Spring gift set

Looking for a great gift? Our spring gift set includes a yellow candle with an energizing scent and the purple candle with a calming scent. You also get a bouquet of dried flowers to reuse the candle jars later!

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Golden scented candle collection Christmas

Charlies Candles: Premium scented candles at affordable prices.

At Charlies Candles we believe scented candles can be unique, high quality and affordable. We do not believe in cheap mass production of scented candles, but also do not in the overpriced designer collections. In our opinion, there is a golden middle ground, where you can enjoy high quality scented candles at affordable prices.

Our 2 unique spring fragrances.

Lacy Lavender

Lacy Lavender is a sweet fragrance. It consists of lavender, chamomile and an undertone of vanilla. This harmonious combination of 3 soothing elements provides a blissful feeling of calm and tranquility.

Happy Hanoi.

This energetic fragrance is pure joy. Uplifting ginger and lemongrass provide vitality and energy. Are you suffering from an afternoon dip? This fragrance will help you through!

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