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NUDE collection of scented candles 2021.

Discover our new love-inspired NUDE scented candles and new fragrance "Sensual Seduction". Handmade in Bruges.

Time for an extra romantic Valentine

New unique scent.

We have been searching for new sensual fragrance that will make every woman dream and enjoy. Discover our temporary "Sensual Seduction" fragrance for a sweet, oriental-inspired luxury scent. Our 6 base fragrances are also available.

2 unique gift sets.

Let your loved one discover our feminine scents in our unique gift sets. You can choose from 4 small scented candles in 4 different scents (€39) or 3 medium scented candles in 3 feminine fragrances.

4 unique colors.

There are 2 sizes available in 4 unique NUDE colors: Light pink, light orange, orange and brown! 

"I think I have enough candles, said no woman ever"

Green scented candle collection Christmas

Nude Light Pink

A very feminine and elegant color. Combines perfectly with the rest.

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Red scented candle collection Christmas

Nude Light Orange

A warm and light color. Fits in every interior.

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Golden scented candle collection Christmas

NUDE Orange

A slightly darker version of the light orange. Combines well with light pink or light brown.

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Golden scented candle collection Christmas

NUDE Light Brown

A very light brown that comes across as very stylish with its matte finish and translucent color.

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Golden scented candle collection Christmas

Gift set 1 (€39)

4 small scented candles in 2 colors: light pink and light orange. The 4 candles each have a unique feminine scent.

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Golden scented candle collection Christmas

Gift set 2 (€49)

2 medium scented candles in light pink and 1 scented candle in light orange. 3 lovely scents.

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Are you looking for a heartwarming gift?

With the handmade scented candles of Charlies Candles you give a gift your loved one will melt away. A wonderful gift to immediately light during the most romantic day of the year.

Handmade scented candles of the highest quality.

Homemade pots.

At Charlies Candles you invest in beautiful and timeless design candles that you will not find anywhere else. Brighten up your interior each season with beautiful pots in different materials. 

Highest wax and wick quality.

We only use the best materials, and you can tell. Of the 100 wicks we test, only 5 pass our quality tests. The perfect flame with extra long burning hours, that's what we aim for.

Delicious, long-lasting scents.

Thanks to our quality guarantee, you can be sure of luxurious fragrances that will please any nose. The high quality fragrance oils ensure that the scent spreads slowly and lingers for a long time. At least 40 hours of burning guaranteed.

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