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It depends on the interior and the colours you use. Light colours like white, beige or pastel colours suit a calm, neutral interior. For a more striking interior with strongly contrasting colours, dark fragrance sticks are ideal, for example in dark blue, black or purple. If your space is already brightly coloured, bright accent colours will go well with scented candles - think bright pink, yellow or bright green.

What scented candle colours suit each season?

For spring, opt for fresh, bright shades such as pastel pink, light blue or soft yellow. For summer, brighter colours like orange, red and yellow go well with the warm weather. Autumn colours like dark brown, olive green and earth tones look great in an autumn setting. In winter, quiet neutral colours like white or beige are often chosen with accent colours of blue or purple incorporated.

What colours are ideal for a scented candle as a promotional gift?

For a business gift, it is best to go for neutral and professional colours. Think white, beige, grey or black. If you want to bring a bit more life into the gift then pastel blue or pink is also an option. These light shades add just that extra bit of style to the gift!